Penis Anatomy: What We Don’t Know About The Penis

By | July 21, 2016

12About half of the population don’t have a penis. It’s understandable that the penis could seem foreign for a while. The other half of the population does, but do they really know penises well?

First, let’s talk about size

The penis that set a world record was 13.5 in long. This is nothing compared to a blue whale’s average penis size of 11 ft., but the human penis is still larger than most other animals’.

Without surgical intervention, a penis can still change in size. It can shorten by up to 1 cm if one smokes, and it also shrinks by 1 to 2 cm if not used. It can also shrink temporarily if it is exposed to coldness.
Size, shape, and other characteristics are actually not genetic.

By the way, only about 6% of men need extra-large condoms. Most men do not need such a big size.

Now, how about its traits

Most men orgasm after less than 3 min. On average, orgasms last 6 secs, and 7 calories are in a teaspoon of that semen. A penis actually bends and curves into a boomerang shape when it is used in a missionary sex position. Some penises bend (in any direction) that it is too hard to have sex. This is due to a disease named Pyronie’s Disease.

The color of a penis is actually darker than other parts of a body, due to the differences in maturation…and because of being handled too often.

It usually does not break, but it can. Once it does, there’s a popping noise, and it is extremely painful. One should go to the hospital right away to not risk a permanent erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunctions can be linked to heart and diabetes issues, therefore a chronic lack of interest in sex may be best followed by a visit to the doctor.

A more neurological and behavioral side

Did you know that 0.25% of men can actually reach their penis to perform oral?

Dehydration is never good, but too many drinks can cause some sex issues. A penis becomes limp once a man drinks too much. A man that weighs 150 lb. would have a limp little guy after a bit more than three drinks.

The penis is controlled by the nervous system. As such, random events/thoughts unrelated to sex can still arouse and cause the penis to erect. As such, erection could occur during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep, regardless of the topic of the dream. Once erect, if it remains in this state it can be dangerous as blood clots can occur.

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