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Shoreditch escorts

Shoreditch escorts

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Shoreditch escorts services is probably one of the best known agencies in this part of London at the moment, and many London escorts would like to join. The service is run by a Madame called Eve and she selects her girls very carefully. She says that all of her girls must be very sexy, and at the same time they must have the personalities to go with the job. She goes onto say that it is no good just being sexy but it is important to be nice as well. Many guys these days are very lonely and would just like some sexy companionship.

Healthy morning erections

I always used to laugh at my boyfriend’s morning erections. First of all, they used to be huge and like I said to my friends at London escorts, they also turned me on like mad. However, since my boyfriend stopped getting them, it kind of worried me. One of the sexy girls at the best escorts in London website said that it was a health indicator. I did a bit of research and found out that morning erections are indeed like a systems check.

Of course, I was really worried about my boyfriend, so I sent off to get himself checked out. The doctor did not seem to concerned, but about a week later, I had a day off from escorts in London and followed him to the specialist. The girls at London escorts knew that I was really worried about him, and that i honestly thought there was something seriously wrong.

Our local GP had already ran some tests, and we knew that my boyfriend’s PSA value was a bit high. One of my favorite gents at London escorts had developed prostate cancer and the first indicator was an elevated PSA value. Fortunately, my date at London escorts made a full recovery, so I knew that things could be fixed if something was seriously wrong. The great news is that prostate cancer responds well to dietary changes and lifestyle changes. My date had been told to eat certain things and give up smoking. Within a matter of months, his PSA value had dropped and now he is just being monitored.

At the time all of things was going, my boyfriend was working in a bar and club. Like all other bar men, he had a drink too many and more than often drank his fear share. When I came home from escorts in London, I used to be able to tell if he had been drinking. Not only could I smell it on him, but he seemed to be more in a state of collapse than anything else. Speaking to the doctor it became apparent that too much drink can cause inflammation fo the prostate and that is what my boyfriend had.

I adore my boyfriend, so we went home and changed our lifestyle. I still work for London escorts but I will only do so the day shift. When we go shopping, we buy really healthy food and take the right supplements. Thank to this rather strict regime, my boyfriend’s morning erections have come back, and we enjoy our mornings together. Next thing is going to be a major lifestyle change as we are thinking about moving out of London. I am sure that with a bit of loving care, I will be able to enjoy my boyfriend’s morning erections for many years to come. I know that I am a really lucky girl…

Penis Anatomy: What We Don’t Know About The Penis

12About half of the population don’t have a penis. It’s understandable that the penis could seem foreign for a while. The other half of the population does, but do they really know penises well?

First, let’s talk about size

The penis that set a world record was 13.5 in long. This is nothing compared to a blue whale’s average penis size of 11 ft., but the human penis is still larger than most other animals’.

Without surgical intervention, a penis can still change in size. It can shorten by up to 1 cm if one smokes, and it also shrinks by 1 to 2 cm if not used. It can also shrink temporarily if it is exposed to coldness.
Size, shape, and other characteristics are actually not genetic.

By the way, only about 6% of men need extra-large condoms. Most men do not need such a big size.

Now, how about its traits

Most men orgasm after less than 3 min. On average, orgasms last 6 secs, and 7 calories are in a teaspoon of that semen. A penis actually bends and curves into a boomerang shape when it is used in a missionary sex position. Some penises bend (in any direction) that it is too hard to have sex. This is due to a disease named Pyronie’s Disease.

The color of a penis is actually darker than other parts of a body, due to the differences in maturation…and because of being handled too often.

It usually does not break, but it can. Once it does, there’s a popping noise, and it is extremely painful. One should go to the hospital right away to not risk a permanent erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunctions can be linked to heart and diabetes issues, therefore a chronic lack of interest in sex may be best followed by a visit to the doctor.

A more neurological and behavioral side

Did you know that 0.25% of men can actually reach their penis to perform oral?

Dehydration is never good, but too many drinks can cause some sex issues. A penis becomes limp once a man drinks too much. A man that weighs 150 lb. would have a limp little guy after a bit more than three drinks.

The penis is controlled by the nervous system. As such, random events/thoughts unrelated to sex can still arouse and cause the penis to erect. As such, erection could occur during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep, regardless of the topic of the dream. Once erect, if it remains in this state it can be dangerous as blood clots can occur.

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