One of my regulars at Camden Town escorts, told me about a diet he had found in a men’s magazine.

By | October 6, 2018

He wanted to know if it would be good for him, and help to lose weight. Dieting is a popular topic here at Camden Town escorts from, as many of the girls at the escort agency in Camden Town want to lose weight. So, I told the guy I would take a look at his diet. Would it be good for other guys at Camden Town escorts?
It seems that every diet book on the market is aimed at women though it’s obvious that there must be male dieters out there too. Male contestants featured on the popular TV show the Biggest Loser, illustrating that men suffer the same problems with obesity and weight gain as women. So what have they done to get diet information previous to the Flat Belly Diet plan for men arrived on the scene? Maybe their wives put them on a diet without then even realizing it. Perhaps they secretly sent off for dodgy diet pills as many like the guys I date at Camden Town escorts, and it guarantees it will destroy their belly fat.
This diet is essentially the same plan as that in the original book, the Flat Belly Diet, with the difference being it is targeted to the male market. It stresses that men are more likely than women to suffer with belly fat as women tend to put fat on in other places more. This rather contradicts the point of the original book targeted at women, as it told them the importance of losing belly fat, rather than fat they happened to have deposited in other places.
It is a fact though that there are plenty of male pot bellies around, beer bellies and bellies hanging down over the belt line. Contrary to what men may believe large male bellies are not an attractive attribute and not only would the male look better without one, he would be lowering the risk of many health problems. The book does highlight the related link of excess fat to type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease, assuming that men are more likely to respond to the health risks of their bellies rather than the vanity aspect. Do men worry about health aspects? I am not sure my guys at Camden Town escorts do.
The Flat Belly diet for men follows the four day bloat and flush fast jump start of the original plan, but ups the calories to 1600 daily. As the signature Sassy Water which was such a feature of the Flat Belly diet really doesn’t have a manly ring to it a new name has been invented of Fire Water. Just follow the recipe for Sassy Water but spice it up with cayenne pepper.
The Flat Belly Diet for men is just the Flat Belly Diet with more calories. It has taken the appealing to men aspect a bit too far as a distraction from the original concept of a sensible eating plan. Much less emphasis is given to amounts of foods and calories as they presume men really won’t bother with that side of things. This can easily lead to lack of restrain in portion control, one of the reasons they are overweight in the first place. If you do decide to follow the diet remember not to treat it as a fad but to continue with a sensible balanced diet to keep your now reduced belly at bay.

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